EV-N-Spred Salt Spreader

Ev-N-Spred Salt Spreader-SP-2040PI - 30 Litre Capacity

The Ev-N-Spred Salt Spreader is the Semi-Professional Salt Spreader with 30 Litre Capacity. It provides professional quality and features in a small partially assembled package.  The 2040PiPlus out performs all other spreaders of its size and price with true Commercial features at an affordable cost.

  • Fully assembled with flip-up handle with comfort grip
  • Easy to use gauge and lever control
  • High-capacity rust-proof poly hoppers
  • Ev-N-Spred High-Volume drop shut-off system for spreading Ice Melt and large sized material
  • 8” pneumatic rust-proof wheels for easy rolling on frozen surfaces
  • Ev-N-Spred High-Speed ICE MELT Gearbox
  • 65lb capacity
  • Earthway Number - 2040Pi


£159.95  Excluding VAT

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