About Us

Grit-Bins.com is a specialist online store for winter safety products including road salt, grit bins, salt spreaders and other snow clearing products made by and supplied by Unicorn Urban. Unicorn Urban is part of FHS Group Limited which consists of three companies: Unicorn Urban Ltd, Unicorn Hygienics Ltd and Unicorn Flooring Ltd.  All our products are designed and manufactured to help you work and assist your workplace.

Unicorn Urban specialise in the design and manufacture a broad range of products for councils, schools and hospitals throughout the UK, Ireland and the European Union. Our product ranges include Street Litter Bins, Recycling Collection Points, Lockdown Frames, Street Furniture, Metal Seats, Benches, Picnic Tables, Dog Bins, and Fire Retardant Bins as well Cycle Parking, People Shelters and Winter Products. 

Unicorn Hygienics designs and manufactures products specially for washroom service companies and our objective is to work with our clients to make their lives simpler by providing not only a wide range of products, but ones that are easy to install and service.

Unicorn Flooring is a manufacturer of both Industrial Flooring and Commercial/Domestic Flooring and specialise in the manufacture of Flexi-Tile, a revolutionary loose-lay interlocking PVC floor tile. Flexi-Tiles' modular flooring system is suitable as a hardwearing, long lasting industrial floor and both as a convenient commercial/domestic flooring material.

The Unicorn Group Headquarters is based in Lisburn and we have a dedicated Sales and Customer Service Team to respond to your enquiries.  If you would like to speak to a member of our team please contact 0845 247 7264 or email info@grit-bins.com or write to us at Riverbank, The Green, Tullynacross Road, Lisburn, BT27 5SR, Northern Ireland